P&S Engagement

Like Y & M, P & S are another wonderfully kind, patient and amazingly smart couple who found each other during medical school. Their fun but gentle personalities are really a perfect fit.  Not only are P & S great people, but they’re also proactive: both have been extensively involved in helping the underserved, and were integral to developing the refugee health program at our school. I compare Y&M to P&S because the two couples are actually really great friends, and coincidentally, got engaged around the same time! 🙂 We’ve all shared many fun dinners, holiday parties, medical social and volunteer events together…now, soon to be wedding (!).

For the engagement shoot, we decided to take advantage of the Spruce Street Harbor Park that was still up from summer. Many thanks to P & S for waking up really early to get the softer lighting, and doing the shoot even though S had to go to work right after! Their dedication paid off in these gorgeous photos.

IMG_2977 IMG_2981 IMG_2994IMG_3006 IMG_2997  IMG_3030 IMG_3081IMG_3086 IMG_3090   IMG_3136 IMG_3140 IMG_3150 IMG_2976 IMG_3165

Congrats P&S…hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I do 🙂

D&E (surprise!) engagement!

I’ve known D & E since my time at Penn State, and could not have asked for more faithful, warm, and encouraging people. Not only are D & E wonderful to everyone they encounter, they are wonderful for each other. Their story is a really amazing testimony to God’s great promises and plan 🙂

When D told me he was planning to propose to E, I was beyond ecstatic. When he told me he wanted me to secretly capture the occasion, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement! D filled me in on his clever plan for a whole day around his proposal to E, down to a trip to the art museum (since it was perfectly picturesque for the occasion!) and arranging transportation (which involved having a friend be at JUST the right place at the right time). I went to the art museum beforehand to scope out the area and ensure there was adequate hiding space to capture the occasion. I also sent D a map of where to stand so E wouldn’t see me :P.

When it was time for the proposal, amazing, everything went pretty much according to plan. There was a close call when the time came for the proposal, because I temporarily popped out of my spot to peak at where the couple was…straight into E’s FULL view. Thankfully, E was completely unaware and definitely surprised when I showed up after D’s sweet proposal 🙂

The proposal:

She said YES! We also did a quick engagement shoot after the proposal, since they wouldn’t have much chance for one later that year. Though time was tight, we got some great shots in around the art museum. Aren’t they adorable?? 🙂

Finally, we finished with a surprise party with their closest friends afterwards. E’s friends did a wonderful job decorating the place, and we had some snacks and toasts to the new couple! My favorite was  their gigantic bride and groom pins 😛

Mission, accomplished ;D Congrats D&E!! I’m so honored to have shared this moment with you two, and am super excited to see what is in store for you guys! 😀

S’s Maternity Photoshoot

I first met T&S through Penn State friends, and couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming couple to help ease my transition from Philly to Bethesda. When they found out I was moving to Maryland, they were quick to offer assistance and advice, which is HUGE, considering they had their hands tied with an adorable daughter, and now an equally as adorable son!  T & S are some of the sweetest people I know. T is also a budding photographer, and we always have photo stuff to talk about. I live vicariously through their documentation of their lovely children 🙂

PS: S actually is super talented and makes absolutely GORGEOUS bouquets that not only are affordable, but also last WAY longer than flowers. For those wedding planners interested, her work is on etsy, here.

When S was close to E’s due date, S asked if I could help them take some maternity photos. I couldn’t have been more excited. It was the least I could do to thank them for all their help for me, so of course I said yes!

Our setting was Ethan’s future room, which T & S decorated BEAUTIFULLY to reflect the story of Noah’s Ark and biblical blessings. The colorful paintings on the walls were the perfect background for the shoot. Even J, their daughter, got to join us a bit in the beginning before it was time for her nap! Though the lighting wasn’t as bright as we would have liked in the room, I think it worked out in the end 🙂

Thanks T & S for giving me the honor of shooting your maternity photos, and CONGRATS on another beautiful child!!

A&S Photoshoot, part 2

For the second half of our photoshoot, we changed outfits and played around other parts of the art museum. I LOVED the pop of color in A’s yellow cardigan! Both A and S were so silly and hilarious to shoot 😛

Next, we were hungry so decided to kill THREE birds with one stone by 1. getting brunch 2. using the restaurant bathroom to change hygenically and 3. doing some shots with our food while we were at it! Our location was Green Egg Cafe in Northern Liberties…one of my favorite brunch places in Philly. They did not disappoint.

Chance would have it that RIGHT nearby, there was a gorgeous antique shop! After confirming with the owner it was ok to shoot in the shop, we put on our creative caps, thinking of poses that could work with the beautiful setting. The abundance of props made it easy 🙂

We closed off the day with some shots under a bridge. We were pretty much done by then, but on the drive back, we passed a photogenic bridge and couldn’t resist.

Thanks so much A & S for letting me shoot you guys!! Seriously, model material 😉

DR: the people

One thing I’ve learned about kids is that no matter what you look like, where you come from, they universally LOVE taking pictures. Look at all these seasoned posers! Part of me is sort of sad, because that means these kids have literally grown up around tourists who take pictures of them :/ On the other hand, their bright smiles are very encouraging 🙂IMG_9896


Also, when we had stopped for gas, there was somehow a horses vs motorcycle gathering o_O



Haiti: the Clinic

Some glimpses of what it’s like to hold a (Christian-led) medical clinic in Haiti


these crowds waited outside everyday


our awesome team!


the pharmacy


click on any below to enlarge/start slideshow 🙂


My favorite part was getting to worship with the church we partnered with at the end of our week there 🙂

IMG_9638 IMG_9323

Until next time Haiti. ❤

L&J Delaware Wedding


L & I met at our campus fellowship, and bonded over our love of worship music…she is one of the most down to earth girls I know. She is also one of my first medical school classmates to be married, but it makes it all the more exciting! It was my first time on the University of Delaware’s campus, but its beautiful gardens made it no surprise L chose her alma mater for the recepton. Some awesome wedding details: birdseed instead of rice (so much more environmentally friendly!), kisses and flipflops for favors, an awesome (stocked!) photobooth, and of course, a wonderful, God-fearing couple.

Congrats L&J!! Here’s to many years of love and happiness 🙂 More photos below; click any for a larger version and to begin the slideshow~

S&J Graduation


locust walk

Went on UPenn’s campus and shot these pics totally for fun, because S & J are some of the sweetest people I know (I’ve known S since 5th grade!!) and I thought, why not? I got to practice my portrait shots, S & J got free grad pics–it was a win win situation! Congrats on graduating S & J–you girls are going to be AWESOME! (click on any to enlarge and start slideshow)

The group ❤ :)!